Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I have not been actively practicing for a period of time due to personal reasons and relocation however...As of this date July 7, 2017, I am now firmly established in Arvada, Colorado. I will be happy to talk to you about your wedding plans in the greater Denver and Boulder, Colorado area. I can also be available for services in the Mountain/Ski areas. If you're unsure whether I'll come to your location, please ask!
Please read the post below and follow the links to look over the information on this website. I'll be updating  my coverage map and some other information soon but most of it still applies. When in doubt, contact me via email or phone with questions. I'm always happy to hear from and help couples with their planning.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello and Welcome

Congratulations on your engagement!

With what seems like millions of details to see to in your wedding planning one thing that frequently gets left to the last minute is the selection of an Officiant. It seems unbelievable that this can be overlooked when you consider that the centerpiece, the purpose for the whole day is your ceremony. Without the actual wedding, the part where you are joined together, it's not really a Wedding Day is it? The ceremony fits the theme of the day and sets the tone for everything that follows. The reception, and your marriage. Your ceremony should speak to you and about you. It should reflect your wishes. It should reflect you. That's why finding the right person to work with to perfect and perform your ceremony is so critically important. That person should be many things. They should have a love of weddings and marriage. They should have an attention to detail. They should be flexible and understand that the day is about YOU and not them. They should be able to listen and to make you feel cared for. They should be able to make suggestions and help you make decisions when the choices are many and potentially overwhelming. They should be the right person for you.

So, congratulations on taking the steps to find that person. Please, take a look around this website. Click on the items on the PAGES list to the left. There you will find Frequently Asked Questions, information about my Services, the Packages I offer, my Fees and the Areas which I service. There are are also Sample Vows and Readings, Reviews, and Photos of some of the ceremonies I have performed. Please make note of any questions you may have and contact me with those questions and or concerns either by phone, email, or via the contact form all of which may be found on the Contact page. I will be happy to discuss those and the rest of the details of your wedding with you. If you choose to work with me I will be happy to contribute to making your wedding day the day of your dreams.